Montane Terra Pants

I wanted to get some trousers which were cool enough for cycling and walking in hot summer weather. I get too hot in my Craghopper Kiwis when cycling in warm weather. Also I have to tuck the ends into my socks to stop them getting tangled up in the chain, as I don't like cycle clips.

The last time I was in Betwys y Coed I saw a pair of Montane Terra Pants in Cotswold. I had read many good reviews of these pants, but as they are expensive I didn't want to buy a pair without seeing them and trying some on. Having tried them on and decided that I like them, I wanted to buy a pair. I wanted a black pair, but Cotswold didn't have any in stock. I searched on line and ended up buying them from Tower Ridge. I bought my Rab sleeping back from them and they have been quick and efficient. The trousers were posted the same day as my order and arrived the next day.

I got a chance to try them out straight away during the current hot spell. I have used them for cycling and as everyday wear for a couple of weeks. Overall I am very happy with them:

Good points.

  • Lightweight and very comfortable. Not too hot in summer, but I shall be interested to see how they fare in the other seasons.
  • Zipped pockets, make it harder to lose your keys or money.
  • Zipped thigh vents, with black mesh underneath, so people can't see my pasty white legs.
  • Zipped bottoms making them easy to roll up, or fit over big boots.
  • Poppers on the bottom of the legs. You can use these to cinch up the ankles, so they don't get snagged in bike chains, or let cold drafts in. You can also roll the legs up and use the poppers to stop them unfolding.
  • Reinforced knee and bum patches.
  • Enough room around the crotch and articulated knees, so good for scrambling and climbing.
  • Smart enough for everyday use.

Bad Points.

  • I am quite tall (6ft 2") and I would like the legs to be a couple of inches longer. They are only available in regular and short leg sizes.
  • Not particularly water resistant. Better then my Craghopper Kiwi's, but anything more than a brief shower will wet them. However, they do dry quickly.

In fact I like them so much, that have just ordered a second pair.