Website Makeover

One of my original goals in using Jekyll as a static site generator was to make it easier to write posts and thus increasing the number of my posts. However, I found Jekyll had a couple of idiosyncrasies with categorizing and tagging posts that made it awkward for me to use. It was also difficult to re-theme the site, without doing an almost ground up re-write.

I searched Google for another static site generator and tried a few out before I discovered Pelican .This seemed to fit in with all my requirements:

  • written in Python, which makes it easier for me to hack on.
  • good handling of categories, tags and static pages.
  • easy to use template language (Jinja2).
  • themes
  • it was simple to write a new reader that understood my existing YAML files, so I didn't have to rewrite all my old posts.
  • I can use Emacs to write my posts.